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Cheap and Quality Broadband Anytime, Anywhere in Africa

Flexible Platforms for TV and Radio

Intersat Ltd is a key player in the worldwide satellite services market, providing tailor-made, high-quality satellite networking solutions including broadcast services (TV & Radio) for enterprise, wholesale and carrier customers.

We are a major carrier of TV and Radio channels serving customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From our Liedekerke teleport facility we offer a range of broadcast services on various satellite systems including Arabsat 5A, ABS-1, Yahsat 1A, Measat and AfricaSat 1A. With an impressive array of antennas and in-depth technical expertise, Intersat can provide a fully-integrated and extremely flexible platform for radio and TV transmission across borders.



Key Services

  • Radio and TV solutions: Intersat has both fixed and mobile earth station solutions for radio and television requirements.
  • Fixed Earth Solutions: Intersat has a fixed earth station at Liedekerke Teleport with an impressive array of antennas where we partner with our customers for uplinking of major TV and Radio channels which are then broadcast across Europe , The Middle East and Africa.
  • Digital Audio Broadcast Service (DAB) - Intersat provides all you need to allow radio stations to broadcast digital radio programs and data towards satellite receivers, wherever they are.

Additional Services

  • Television Receive Only (TVRO) - Intersat offers fixed and transportable TVRO systems and services.
  • Mobile Earth Stations: Two Mobile Earth Stations are also available. They are Eutelsat approved and can be used for Digital TV signals and digital data services