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Cheap and Quality Broadband Anytime, Anywhere in Africa

SkySwitch – Single hop Internet, Intranet, Star and Mesh connectivity.

The highly efficient proprietary technique employed in SkySwitch is the only technology in Africa to offer simultaneous connectivity to Internet, intranet (branch to Headquarters) and direct Remote-to-Remote communication between branch offices. SkySwiatch offers a very attractive solution for the users as it provides a clear competitive edge over other VSAT platforms and communication media.

SkySwitch Point to Point Service (E10A) Features

  •  Ability to share data from each branch to the headquarters at great speeds

  •  Ability to simultaneously share bandwidth between branch offices, thereby providing high-speed access for all the stations.

  •  Enabled environment to have a reliable VOIP network within the wide area network (WAN).

  • Ability to carry out quality video conferencing from branch offices to headquarters and between branch offices. (Requires dedicated bandwidth of at least 256Kbps and necessary and  conferencing equipment)

  • Ability to achieve 550-600ms and 0% packet loss on an installed link without load.

  • Hub is installed in Nairobi, Kenya on a C-band 7.3m dish ensuring high reliability and availability for remote sites pointing to Nairobi and its environs on fibre link.

  • Remote branch offices are on C-band 1.8m dishes, ensuring low cost of entry to the customer.

  • Independent Point to Point connectivity can be achieved using 2.4m Antennas.

  • The C-band service is much superior to Ku-band service which is less susceptible to weather and climate effects.

  • The SkySwitch Infinity 3100 modem is an enterprise class router designed to support business critical applications including VoIP and Video. The SkySwitch 5100 infinity series offers full encryption.

  • IDirect powered networks deliver the speed, performance and flexibility to fulfill the most demanding requirements of today's end users - anywhere

  • Intersat Ltd’s installation in Nairobi is backed up by a world class NOC with highly experienced customer services engineers, providing customer services and monitoring of customer sites round the clock throughout the year.

Internet via satellite point to multipoint

Our SkySwitch Network can meet the requirements of customers from all sectors including Government, Private and Corporate. SkySwitch can support a wide range of applications:

» Rural telephony.
» Global Networking.
» Oil and mining industries.
» Broadband access for ISPs.
» Rural distance learning.
» Manpower training.
» Telemedicine in rural areas.
» Emergency disaster response.           


 SkySWITCH Coverage map on Eutelsat 10 A


Skytrunk service satellite coverage map