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Cheap and Quality Broadband Anytime, Anywhere in Africa


Intersat Africa Ltd has invested heavily to ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless fault tolerance through our automatic failover solution
Businesses can apply the cost savings from a predominantly expensive satellite connectivity solution that they have been accustomed, to lower fibre pricing by investing in a fault tolerant internet connectivity solution.

This will not only protect their connectivity to remote offices but also the Internet connectivity of office users to ensure business continuity as the potential productivity loss that could result from an interruption in Internet access is dramatic


Intersat is provisioning a redundancy of the primary link. The VSAT link is preserved as redundant link i.e. Backup of Seacom / Teams / Eassy Submarine links.  In any circumstances, if primary link goes down the secondary link will be routed to the VSAT link installed at the clients premises

Solution Benefits

The basic solution benefit is business continuity. Once the undersea cable is damaged, it is too late to implement a redundancy plan then. Intersat is offering to maintain service, consistency, and recoverability that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers and regulators.

Vsat back up link & existing fibre link