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Cheap and Quality Broadband Anytime, Anywhere in Africa

SkyNet SERVICE – Broadband Satellite Internet in C-band

This is a C - band shared Internet broadband service on Eutelsat 10A satellite covering the whole of Africa. This service is delivered via our iDirect Hub in London and is suitable for mission critical applications as C - band offers better reliability in Africa and is a weatherproof solution.
Broadband Internet connectivity on Eutelsat 10A C-band
SkyNet Solution Features

  •  Single hop satellite internet connectivity solution
  •  High speed internet browsing
  •  Crystal clear Voice over IP (VoIP)
  •  File Transfer Protocol allowing transfer large files
  •  Audio and Video Streaming
  •  Integration of your private networks and Virtual private networks.
  •  One box solution (Satellite Modem, IP Router, TCP prioritization and acceleration)
  •  Stable service irrespective of weather conditions
  •  This service has no monthly quotas or caps on usage of capacity.
  •  QOS configuration for traffic prioritization

 SkyNET Coverage Map on Eutelsat 10A